Friends And Runners

Meet the Team

A picture of our chairman Sam.


I run for fun, I run for the people, I run for the countryside, I run for the challenge, I run for fitness. I am not fast, but that does not matter. FAR is about people running together and supporting each other, it is about having fun. I run for fun…

A picture of our coach Ann.


I've been running for nine years, starting with Parkrun, and then by building up the miles over the years, I've found that I prefer the longer distances, and have now run 99 marathons, and am training for Comrades ultra marathon in South Africa in 2020. I am the coach for FAR, and on Thursdays at Humber Bridge car park. My coaching sessions are fully inclusive for beginners, run/walkers, as well as for the stronger, more experienced runners. I deliver a 5 week 'LACES' program with a different focus each week, - Legs, Arms, Core, Endurance and Speed. Book onto a session on the RunTogether website.

A picture of our run leader Terrie.


What motivates us to run? For me it began all because I wanted a hoody, no ordinary hoody but one awarded on completion of a 10k!!! With lots of encouragement and support from another FAR member, Carol, now 2 years on, I'm the very proud owner of 2 such hoodies! This support and encouragement I received lead me to want to also help others with their running. So as a qualified Leader in Running for Fitness I am fortunate to be able to do exactly that. I can lead the clubs couch to five km programs, (written by our coach, Ann), and also weekly social runs; I am currently leading a weekly run/walk session. These sessions tend to be based on time rather than distance meaning they are suitable for all abilities but still maintain a 'friends' element as enjoyment is a very important aspect of running for me. I consider myself a steady runner; my goal is simple, to continue to enjoy my running. Sessions currently take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings, meeting at the Humber Bridge car park at 6.30pm with runs over the bridge/on road during the winter months. In the spring/summer, with lighter nights and improved conditions, runs will take place on other terrains as I am a lover of trail running. If you're looking for an enjoyable run, where you will still work hard, then come and join me; looking forward to seeing you. Terrie.

A picture of our run leader Carol.


I used to be a runner, a sprinter, and I was good, I ran for the County but that was a long long time ago. After many ups and downs in my life I took stock, my wife was taking up running and loving it and she encouraged me to try a couch to 5K about 7 years ago. Unfortunately I gave up, I just couldn't keep up but I tried again the following year and had to stop due to injury, a year later I tried again and was successful. I still struggle to run and I am very slow but my friends in the club encourage and support me all the way and after completing the Leader in Running for Fitness Course a few years ago I have been leading some run\walk sessions for slower runners.